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Presentation of CWall

CWall (Collaborative Wall) is a high resolution collaborative software solution which is ideally deployed on a video wall.

Intuitive and interactive, CWall is multi-site, multi-source and multi-application.

The solution can be adapted to any type of display: from a simple 4K screen to large video walls made up of several screens.

CWall offers real-time collaboration amon people working in the same room or remotely by sharing high-resolution information on a screen wall, the screen wall can be configured to suit the work environment and the client’s needs.

CWall has been designed particularly to match two use cases : crisis management and scientific disciplines.

CWall shows its full potential in two cases in particular:

  • joint study of resources at a very high resolution across a wide range of disciplines,
  • simultaneous display of several streams and items of information on different windows, particularly in crisis management situations.

CWall is a product of ALTANOVEO.

Photo showing people working together around a table using CWall.

Collaborativity and efficiency above all !

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CWall Solutions

CWall 12

This CWall display uses 12 monitors on a 3 rows / 4 columns layout. That is 7680x3240 pixels.

Photo d'un CWall correspondant au layout de la solution.

CWall 9

This CWall display uses 9 monitors on a 3 rows / 3 columns layout. That is 5760x3240 pixels.

Photo d'un CWall correspondant au layout de la solution.

CWall 6

This CWall display uses 6 monitors on a 2 rows / 3 columns layout. That is 5760x2160 pixels.

Photo d'un CWall correspondant au layout de la solution.

CWall 4K

CWall 4K allows CWall software to be used on a single Ultra High Definition (4K 3840x2160 pixels) screen for a lower equipment cost.

Photo d'un CWall correspondant au layout de la solution.

Strong Points

Thinking outside the screen

The wall comprises several high-resolution screens, and whatever its configuration makes the most of each pixel in each monitor to go above and beyond 4K resolution. Owing to this high resolution a single piece of information can be visualized on the entire wall, or multiple pieces of information can be displayed on several screens at the same time.

Let’s work together!

The CWall solution is a powerful and efficient collaborative tool. It can be used to: share information with colleagues on a countless number of different sites; and to cast a laptop desktop on the screen wall, duplicate windows in two different rooms, work with colleagues via the intranet, record data from the wall, and so on, etc.

Connect various digital streams

CWall is a flow aggregator: it has several HDMI ports for connecting laptops, a click&share system, a TV tuner, a microscope, or any other device with an HDMI connection. CWall is also able to directly display network streams: streaming, television, video-surveillance, etc.

Choose total or partial duplication

CWall screen walls can be twinned by total or partial duplication of a selection of windows. An efficient solution for controlling and managing potentially confidential information.

A single surface with multiple windows

Forget screens: the wall is a single surface on which you can simultaneously display a large number of windows and organize them according to your needs to have a comprehensive overview of your project.

Control your CWall

Don’t waste time configuring CWall. It offers intuitive command-control using a tablet or a mouse. The tablet acts as a remote control for the CWall.

Interact with the wall

Using the CWall tablet or a mouse, interact directly with the screen wall. Windows can be moved again and again; the tool offers the possibility of zooming in, zooming out, isolating data, updating graphs… in other words, real-time interaction.

A real plus for sciences

CWall is particularly suited to scientific and technical domains that require specific information to be shared (modeling, mapping, soil analysis, etc.).


Eric Calonne

Crisis Management Space at TotalEnergies

« CWall was installed a year ago at the main crisis center of the TotalEnergies Coupole Tower at La Défense, Paris. It’s a multipurpose space that can be used by any of the Group’s business lines. Because it’s so versatile, CWall fits the bill perfectly and covers all the fundamentals … »

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Philippe Prat

Geo-Scientist at TotalEnergies

« On the TotalEnergies site in Pau, CWall was installed for the Geosciences department and the oil & gas exploration entity, for Africa in particular. CWall is installed in a collaborative room and is used for work meetings between the different sites as well as to present research projects. »

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TotalEnergies logo.

With around 40 CWalls already deployed and several others in prospect, TotalEnergies has chosen ALTANOVEO to make their teams work together, all around the world !

TotalEnergies headquarters (Coupole Tower) in Paris La Défense.

Météo France International

MFI logo.

MFI chose CWall to power a video wall in a project in Angola. MFI, with its unique positioning of turnkey project integrator, provides national weather services with the full range of systems and services.


AXA Assistance

AXA's logo.

In a support call center, the needs of collaboration are crucial. AXA Assistance has chosen to install CWall in its platform near Paris, all the support needed by the customers of AXA arrives there.

AXA Assistance's call center.

Prefecture of Haute-Garonne

Prefecture logo.

The Operational Decision Center of the Interministerial Defense and Civil Protection Services of the Prefecture of Haute-Garonne chose a 16 screens CWall to manage and coordinate civil protection services.

Prefecture of Haute-Garonne in Toulouse, France.


SAUR logo.

SAUR chose CWall for the MARNEO Operational Control Center. It is a nerve center for the control, management and analysis of data for community water and sanitation services.

SAUR Marneo Operational Control Center.

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